The JRCLS Women in the Law Committee of the Executive Board encourages women members of each Chapter to form a Women in the Law (WIL) Committee within their Chapter. If you are interested in forming a WIL Committee, please contact your Chapter Chair, explain your intentions, and arrange to either join the Chapter Board or to have a liasion on the Chapter Board to help coordinate the activities of the WIL Committee. Once your WIL Committee is formed, please have your Chapter Chair provide the International Board Women in the Law Committee of the WIL Committee formation and WIL Commitee Chair so that we can post it on our webpage to assist you with membership and with exchange of information with other WIL Committee Chairs.

The JRCLS Membership Directory is searchable by gender and by location. In order to form a WIL Committee in your Chapter, you will probably want to start by searching for women on the JRCLS database in your area. As many women's issues are universal, you might also consider including women who are not members of the JRCLS to participate in your WIL Committee activities.

Each WIL Committee within a Chapter should consist of three to five members, who can work together to plan events. We would suggest that each WIL Committee plan two to four events a year. While at least one or two annual event(s) should include a speaker, panel discussion, or a formal discussion topic, not every event needs to include a formal program. Networking events are also important. Each WIL Committee can also work with the Chapter Board to co-sponsor an annual program for the entire Chapter membership that either highlights a woman speaker or focuses on a topic of importance for women in the law.

In order to assist each WIL Committee within a Chapter to plan meetings, we will be posting the following information on this website (see WIL Resources) 1) articles or materials with subjects of interest to women along with suggested discussion topics, changed quarterly and archived on the website, 2) available materials from the JRCLS for use in WIL Committee events, and 3) potential speakers of interest to women listed by location and topic. In order for us to make this website more useful to you, we would ask that you email us articles or materials of interest that could be posted on our website as well as speakers of interest in your area.

Please feel free to contact any member of the JRCLS International Board's WIL Committee and let us know how we can be of assistance in either getting a WIL Committee within your Chapter started or in supporting your existing WIL Committee.

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