J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Fourteen Ways to Find Potential Members for Your JRCLS Student Chapter (Tentative Draft)

--John E. Christensen, JRCLS faculty adviser, Washburn University, Topeka, KS

1. Contact the admissions office and see if you may include a letter about JRCLS in a packet of materials being mailed by the school to newly admitted law students.

2. Participate in the student organizations fair typically held during the first week of school by having a table staffed by JRCLS members, a calendar of activites, and JRCLS literature.

3. Make certain your student chapter has a web page and is included in the law school catalog and view book.

4. Send e-mail messages to the all-students list at your school with announcements of JRCLS meetings and activities, including an invitation for all interested students to attend.

5. Prepare a roster that includes spouses and children to facilitate the formation of friendships among JRCLS students and their families.

6. Check with the ward membership clerk to learn about LDS students who may have moved to the area but not yet attended church or JRCLS activities.

7. Check with the bishop and elders quorum president to learn about new students, obtain contact information, and identify those who may need move-in or newcomer assistance.

8. Ask every JRCLS member to alert the president if they learn about prospective students or meet new students in class or other settings (every member a bird dog).

9. Maintain an attractive bulletin board publicizing JRCLS events, officers, and objectives.

10. Check with the attorney adviser to obtain referrals, if any, from Eileen Crane, pre-law adviser at BYU. (Beginning Fall 2003, Eileen will, with individual permission of BYU undergrads applying to law schools, notify leaders of regular JRCLS chapters of student enrollment plans.)

11. Check with the JRCLS faculty adviser or LDS law professors at your school to see if they know of potential members.

12. Check the law student directory (web or print) for students with undergraduate degrees from BYU or othern western state universities.

13. Check with the LDS institute director to learn if he is aware of incoming law students. He may have student "religious preference" info or referrals from home town church leaders about young single adults moving to the area.

14. Meet with your law school admissions director and staff to see how your chapter might assist with recruitment efforts. They may be willing to notify you of prospective students and admittees.

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